Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crepe Paper Easter Creations

Beautiful and durable, crepe paper lends itself to countless applications. In fact, a strip of crepe paper conforms perfectly to an egg's shape. Glue bands of it to a bunch of eggs, affix tiny crepe blooms, and pile them in a bowl for a simple, elegant display. You also can use the paper to create lifelike flowers with egg centers. Or add crepe ears to an egg and watch it turn into a bunny.

Even leftover egg cartons can become winsome baskets trimmed with pleated crepe skirts. Start with plain or dyed blown-out eggs, and then choose from the sweet embellishments provided here. Soon you and your kids will be turning out colorful crafts by the dozen.

Chubby Bunnies How-To

These adorable table decorations can double as place cards; write names on one side of each egg with a marker.

1. Using template as a guide, cut 2 ears (in direction of grain) from a folded sheet of crepe paper. Fold back base of each ear, apply glue to underside, and adhere to egg. Draw eyes with a paint pen. To make a nose: Glue a pom-pom over one of the holes used to blow out the egg. To make a tail: Glue a larger pom-pom over the other hole.

2. Arrange a fringed strip of crepe paper "grass" in a mini muffin-cup liner; place bunny in liner.

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