Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Elegant Eggs

Inspired by an easy Japanese technique, we've created these delightful decorations to enjoy this Easter and next.

Preparing the Shells

You can empty the contents of a raw egg without damaging the shell. (If you prefer, use wooden eggs, available at crafts stores.) Carefully twist the point of a utility knife against each end of the egg to create two small holes. Insert a long pin through a hole to pierce the yolk. Blow out the insides with an egg blower, available at crafts stores, or with a rubber ear-and-nose syringe. Let drain; rinse. Blow out again, rinse again, and let dry.

Tools and Materials

Blown-out eggs


Origami paper

Embroidery scissors

Small paintbrush

Glue sealant, such as Mod Podge

Elegant Eggs How-To

1. Mark egg's length plus 1/4 inch on paper; roll paper around egg's circumference, add 1/8 inch, and mark. Cut out resulting rectangle.

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